Magnus Sjoquist (music, video, recording)


In Gigbyte I work with Music in various shapes and forms.

I have a recording Studio (Silverfish Studios) where I can record everyhing

from vocals to bass to … your imagination is the only boundary :-)

On my homepage there are different pages that focuses on my different

ongoing and future projects.

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The different worlds of


The different picyures on the left represents different parts of what I do in gigbyte at the moment.

A big focus has been and still is my involvment in the world of ubass!

I have a dedicated blog/web site at where you can get a lot of info regarding these little wonderful basses!


In my homestudio you can make proffesionally sounding recordings. I will make a special page about the studio soon.


I have been working as a freelance musician since the early 90's combining this with my work as a music teacher.


I work as a music teacher (Masters of Fine Arts in Music Education) and will also offer lessons on in the future.